December 17, 2017

Hello world!

Hello friends! After several years away from a photography business, I am so excited to be back! Having two little boys has kept me busy the last few years, but my love for pictures and capturing each season of life has only grown. Time goes by way too fast these days.
Here’s a little more info about me!
I grew up in Fort Worth, the third of 4 girls. I got a film camera in high school and have loved taking pictures since then. (My poor family and friends have heard “let’s take a picture!” quite a lot from me.)  I’ve taken classes here and there but have mostly just learned by doing and having fun with it.
I graduated from Texas A&M (whoop!) in 2008. I worked at a nonprofit for a year before becoming a middle-school math teacher. With all my friends getting married I started taking lots of engagement and bridal pictures and that’s when I started my first photography side gig – Anna Kristen Photography! (Side note – I go by my middle name.)
When my husband and I got married 7 years ago, I slowed down taking pictures to spend more time together, and I was a teacher full-time. We moved to Midland for his job in 2013, and had two boys there, in 2014 and 2016.

Photo by Lauren Larsen
In the spring of 2017, we moved back to Fort Worth. As my boys grow I realize how quickly they change, and capturing their funny stages and faces has become so important to me. I honestly just have so much fun taking pictures, and especially working with other kids and families. I am so excited to be doing this again, and I’d be honored to capture you and your loved ones.
Thank you for checking out my website and blog. It means so much. I am looking forward to working with you!

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